Seasearch Reports - Scotland


All the survey reports from Scotland (1981 - present)


Image by Alison Moore  

All the reports from surveys carried out in Scotland are available for download from this page. They are arranged in date order, with the newest at the top. 

Each report has been given a descriptive filename so you can search within the page to find reports on a specific area or species (e.g. fireworks anemones). 

2020 Scotland
2020 West Scotland
2019 Scotland
2018 Wester Ross
2018 Wester Ross Technical Appendix
2018 Scotland
2018 Argyll
2018 Carna
2018 Carna Technical Appendix
2017 Wester Ross
2017 Scotland
2017 Argyll
2016 Scotland
2015 Scotland
2014 Scotland summary
2013 Inchmarnock Island Bute maerl
2012 Scotland
2012 Isle of Muck Small Isles
2011 Scotland
2009-2013 West Scotland fireworks anemones
2008 Upper Loch Fyne fireworks anemones
2007 Insh seafans
2007 Inchmarnock Island Bute maerl
2007-2009 Firth of Lorn seafans
2006 Sanda
2006 Loch Shira fireworks anemones October
2006 Loch Shira fireworks anemones April
2005 Pentland Skerries and Caithness
2005 Loch Shira fireworks anemones
2005 Firth of Lorn seafans
2005 Clyde Kilbrannan Sound
2004 Rum
2003 Oberon Bank
2003 Oberon Bank summary
2003 Lamlash Bay
2003 Lamlash Bay summary
2003 Isle of Coll
2003 Coll summary
2003-2007 North Aberdeenshire Coast summary
2002 Loch Roag
2002 Loch Roag summary
2002 Cape Wrath
2002 Cape Wrath summary
2001 Loch Torridon
2001 Loch Torridon summary
2001-2002 Isle of May
2001-2002 Isle of May summary
2000 Loch Torridon
2000 Loch Torridon - summary
1999 Linne Mhuirrich Loch Sween Serpulid Reefs
1999 MCS Islay
1990 Seasearch-MNCR Loch Craignish
1990 Gruinard Bay Loch Ewe Gairloch
1989 MCS Loch Ryan
1988 Skye
1988 Seasearch-MNCR Canna
1987 MCS Shetland
1986 MCS Loch Eriboll Sutherland
1983 UCS Loch Roag Lewis Outer Hebrides
1983 MCS-NCC Central Firth of Lorne
1981 UCS Summer Isles Ross and Cromarty

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