Organised Surveys


Find out how you can get involved with collecting data on one of our organised surveys.

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Seasearch dives are organised by Seasearch local coordinators and a number of participating organisations.

We list all of the dives we know about below but you can also contact your local regional co-ordinator for the latest information.

You need to be a qualified diver before you can take part in Seasearch organised dives. Minimum qualifications are BSAC/ScotSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, SAA Club Diver or CMAS 2 Star equivalent.

You need to have done at least 20 dives of which 10 should have been in temperate sea water.



All organised activity is subject to local restrictions/guidelines and there will be additional risk assessments and declarations to mitigate as far as possible.

Cancellations or postponements in response to changes in local restrictions or conditions will be beyond our control but we will always endeavour to re-organise events as soon as possible.

In the first instance, please contact the dive organiser to register your interest in the events listed below.

Important Info!


You will also need to have a diving medical certificate or a Sports Diver medical self-declaration and have 3rd party diving insurance.  Preference is always given to those who have attended Seasearch courses.

Seasearch is not a diver training organisation and we insist that you do not dive beyond your previous level of experience on our dives. For some dives, there may be higher experience levels required, depending on the likely conditions.

Our liability insurance restricts organised Seasearch surveys to 30m depth, carried out as NDL dives and with a buddy pair.

Organised Surveys by Region

Organised Surveys by Date

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