Seasearch Reports - Ireland


All the survey reports from Ireland (2005 - present)


Image by Phil Wilkinson  

All the reports from surveys carried out in Ireland are available for download from this page. They are arranged in date order, with the newest at the top. 

Each report has been given a descriptive filename so you can search within the page to find reports on a specific area or species (e.g. seagrass). 


2020 Northern Ireland
2019 Northern Ireland
2018 Northern Ireland
2017 Ireland
2014 Northern Ireland
2014 Lough Hyne
2013 Northern Ireland
2012 Northern Ireland
2012 NI North Coast
2011 Ireland
2011 Northern Ireland
2010 Northern Ireland
2009 Red Bay
2009 Northern Ireland
2009 Ballyhenry seagrass
2008 Northern Ireland
2008 Northern Ireland seagrass
2007 Strangford Lough
2007 Rathlin Island
2007 Northern Ireland
2007 NI North Coast
2006 NI Skerries
2005 Strangford Lough
2005 Rathlin Island
2005-2006 NI Isle Of Muck Maidens
Ardglass Gullies proposal
Red Bay Seagrass Proposal
Seasearch NI MCS pMCZ response

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