Seasearch Reports - Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)


All the survey reports related to Marine Protected Areas of various types

Image by Lin Baldock  

All the reports from surveys carried out in various MPAs are available for download from this page. They are arranged in date order, with the newest at the top. 

Each report has been given a descriptive filename so you can search within the page to find reports on a specific site.  

Most of the reports refer to Marine Conservation Zones (including proposed and recommended, and Reference Areas) in England created under the 2009 Marine & Coastal Access Act.

2017 Utopia MCZ
2017 The Manacles MCZ
2017 The Manacles MCZ Extension
2017 Poole Rocks MCZ Extension
2017 Newquay and The Gannel MCZ
2017 Lizard SAC
2017 Bembridge rMCZ
2017 Beachy Head East rMCZ
2016 Cromer Shoal MCZ
2015 Studland Bay rMCZ
2015 Poole Rocks MCZ
2015 Cromer Shoal MCZ
2015 Chesil Stennis Ledges MCZ
2014 Utopia rMCZ
2014 Yarmouth to Cowes rMCZ
2014 Torbay MCZ
2014 The Needles rMCZ
2014 Studland Bay rMCZ
2014 Skerries Bank and Surrounds MCZ
2014 Poole Rocks MCZ
2014 Newquay and The Gannel rMCZ
2014 Kingmere rMCZ
2014 Dover to Folkestone rMCZ
2014 Cromer Shoal rMCZ
2014 Chesil Stennis Ledges MCZ
2014 Bembridge rMCZ
2014 Beachy Head West rMCZ
2013 Studland Bay rMCZ
2013 Poole Rocks MCZ
2013 Chesil Stennis Ledges MCZ
2013 Broadbench Kimmeridge rMCZ
2012 Torbay rMCZ
2012 Skerries Bank and Surrounds rMCZ
2012 Selsey Bill and The Hounds rMCZ
2012 Runswick Bay rMCZ
2012 Poole Rocks rMCZ
2012 North Norfolk Blue Mussel Beds rRA
2012 Kingmere pMCZ
2012 Fal rRA
2012 Cromer Shoal rMCZ
2012 Coquet to St Marys rMCZ
2012 Castle Ground rMCZ
2012 Blackwater Estuary rMCZ
2012 Alde and Ore rMCZ
Ardglass Gullies proposal (NI)
Red Bay Seagrass proposal (NI)
Northern Ireland pMCZ response

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